"You Have So Much to Offer…."

“You Have So Much to Offer….”


What a magical week!
I went on 3 hikes and turned one year sober.

I also had a handful of people say the same thing to me:
“YOU have so much to offer the world”…..I find that so beautiful….my little ears are used to my imaginary ear-plugs constantly blocking out any form of kind remark or compliment from anyone. I have learned this year to remove those imaginary ear-buds and accept the words of…

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All of Nature is Pure Love…Trails and Blackberry Picking

All of Nature is Pure Love…Trails and Blackberry Picking


“Look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the clouds, look at the stars… and if you have eyes you will be able to see that the whole existence is joyful. Everything is simply happy. Trees are happy for no reason; they are not going to become prime ministers or presidents and they are not going to become rich and they will never have any bank balance. Look at the flowers — for no reason. It…

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Mermaids & Relationships



It’s a rainy afternoon here in Washington.

but it’s been in the upper 80′s all week so It’s been nice….Eastern Washington’s wildfires also need this right now.

Usually I would be up in the mountains on Wednesdays but it was thundering and lightning and I didn’t feel like being out in that. I decided to lay low, rest and practice yoga. I have a power class tonight but today i focused on my…

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From Fitness Blog to NOW: tinytrailmermaid


I did it! I did it!
I changed my name….hahaha something I’ve been contemplating all year! It feels so right…it makes me want to update all the time because I feel that my little blogging identity has been rejuvenated to a more authentic feeeeeel, if ya feel me?

SO here I am. No longer tiarefitness.com because if you have been following my blog for the last couple years, well I don’t give a rats…

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Bucket-Listing My Summer Away

Bucket-Listing My Summer Away


I saw that quote yesterday and thought about it over and over again…and again…and again….
I pictured my life and the things I capture. I used to capture everything. I used to capture all my friends and I no matter what we were doing. I used to take a million selfies and photos talking about weightloss and muscle gain and meal prep….I’d take photos at the gym, at the workout equipment, and…

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I am going to make this short and sweet. Sometimes I have so many events that happen within the week that the thought of blogging about everything sounds exhausting! Anyway I went skydiving last week and it was out of this world AMAZING! Smiling ear to ear and want to do it again! I never once had any feelings of fear a all! SO WORTH IT:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

and there you go!…..a picture blog that couldn’t exactly be described in words:)

this is what keeps me happy. stay fresh all!

Finally Went Skydiving!!! I am going to make this short and sweet. Sometimes I have so many events that happen within the week that the thought of blogging about everything sounds exhausting!

Living in Ignorance of Fear

Living in Ignorance of Fear


“As a single footprint will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep, physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over again the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.” ~ Thoreau

I couldn’t think of the right way to write on paper what I was thinking…then I stumbled along this…

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Create Your Intention


Hello friends:) I have once again fallen off the face of blog land. I have been in a huge transition in my life, challenging yet lovely. I have moved in the past couple weeks, I have been a bit hormonal and eating like shit and since May 1st has begun, I have really worked hard at getting back into the flow of things.

So I am finally back to a relaxed sense of mind. I ran about 6 miles, 30 mins…

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The Power of Positivity

The Power of Positivity


Have I mentioned how freaking happy I’ve been lately? If you follow me on Instagram, this may already have been apparent to you. I am smile-ear-to-ear grateful for everything these days person. I wish I could put this into a how-to manual for the negative-energy-sucking-non-aware people.

Does anyone know my story?
Does anyone know what I’m about to go through?
Probably not.

I have 3 DUI’s…..I am…

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Ranting about the “Lift-Heavy” Robots

Ranting about the “Lift-Heavy” Robots


Holy molyyyy did I die? Did I forget I have this lovely blog I’ve been trying to maintain over the last two years? Did I think I had better things to do? Did I have soooo much fun that I just simply didn’t have time to write about it?
I didn’t.
I’ve been lazy about writing. I sometimes feel that I have nothing worthy of writing about. I have been doing the same thing day in and day out these…

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I don’t know why I took so long to write an update about my Florida vacation. Maybe it’s that I haven’t accepted coming back home to Washington yet…I have been a little under the weather ever since I got home from Fort Lauderdale and have of me thinks it’s mental sadness of leaving. It was my third time visiting my friend Dianna since she moved there. We’ve been best friends since I was 19. We used to be with each other every single day and having her so far away is really hard for me sometimes.

A couple weeks prior to my vacation I was talking to her about how I missed the sun, I missed the beach, I missed her….then she sort of just said “Well you should be here then”…and I said you’re right I should…and so I did. Best 4 day vacation in a long time. I told her all I wanted was to run, do yoga and be on the beach and see her family and pugs. That is exactly what happened. We took full advantage and I have a bunch of pictures. We went swimming, had green juice, went paddle boarding, went running, had dinner at her fam’s house and talked a lot about life and our dreams.

I am from Hawaii originally-that’s where I was born. I grew up in Kaaawa on Oahu and our house was literally right on a road that separated us from the ocean. Right behind our house was the mountains. Every single day of my little childhood was spent on the beach swimming or burying myself in the sand, or climbing the mountains. When I wasn’t doing that, i was catching chameleons and calling them my pets. I have four little brothers and grew up lifting every single rock or brick around the house or neighborhood to find new bugs and were completely fascinated. In the younger part of my life, my main dream was to become an entomologist-a person who studies bugs. Of all dreams to have, I wanted to study bugs haha.

I loved animals and bugs, I loved the ocean and nature, I loved my family and was always incredibly close with my brothers and I had great compassion for everything that is life.

I still am that person.

I still see myself when I visit places like home, or Florida.

I still see the glow in my heart when I am on the beach( not just to tan but the glow of smelling the ocean and feeling the sun on my body).

I still see my compassion for other people in my life and in my family.

I still see that compassion when I spend time with Dianna’s family and I treat them as my own.(I realize in life I do this with most people).

I still see my love for nature when seeing lizards race back and forth in front of me on my runs. I live in fascination most days of my life.

It’s hard to come home this time of year. I accept it and I love the Pacific Northwest, but I sometimes have these needs for what I remember….which is living in tropical weather and the ability to really get outside everyday. I find myself latching to the hot yoga rooms here in Seattle like I’m some sort of lizard outside of its natural habitat.

I realize I am not the average female, I yearn to always be fully connected and I yearn to be outside most the time. Coming back home I am grateful, but I know in my heart I have big things ahead in my future….If i let go my fear to being greater than I am today:) Here is a bunch of Florida pics to come. Namaste.

Home from Florida I don’t know why I took so long to write an update about my Florida vacation. Maybe it’s that I haven’t accepted coming back home to Washington yet…I have been a little under the weather ever since I got home from Fort Lauderdale and have of me thinks it’s mental sadness of leaving.

Finding My Shitty Ego through Yoga Injury

Finding My Shitty Ego through Yoga Injury

1377388_376622242440463_262925_nCreate SPACE by letting go.

Something I’ve never really been good about is showing weakness. My perfectionistic obsessiveness always brought me to a place of pushing to be perfect when I really just needed to relax…

Sometimes in life we need to take it easy. Anything we push in life surely will go away in one way or another. In my case, its battling this tendonitis. It started a year ago in my…

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Day 3 of Straight Juicing

Day 3 of Straight Juicing


I decided to make a youtube video that you can click above ↑

You can skip through the whole beginning since I never make videos and during this one, I sure did ramble a whole lot but don’t want to re-make it! Oh well!

I’m on day 3 of my Juice Cleanse where I am mainly just drinking vegetable and fruit based juice in replacement of…

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Bryan Kest Master Class- “We bring our shit into Yoga and we make it SHIT!”

Bryan Kest Master Class- “We bring our shit into Yoga and we make it SHIT!”


This week has been a relaxing one so far. I had the chance to see Bryan Kest for my second time and take his master class. As usual, it was amazing. His outlook on life is inspiring and just having the chance to listen to him speak about life and speak about yoga is something that would benefit everyone in order to live a better, more authentic life.

I wish I could have recorded his entire…

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